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The Rodolfus Foundation | Summer Newsletter 2019
Help our young singers live their dreams:
Our aim is to provide ten bursaries on each Choral Course, within two years

We have a target to provide bursaries for up to ten young people on every Choral Course within the next two years. Our belief is that nobody should be excluded because of financial constraints. As such, we operate a generous system of bursaries to enable young people to attend Choral Courses and Junior Choral Courses—as illustrated in the graph below. But we want to broaden this bursary scheme even further, enabling even more young people to attend Courses and experience the joy of choral singing.

Could you help us achieve this target? We would be delighted if you would consider helping us by making a donation to cover the cost of a Full Bursary, or a donation to cover part of the cost of a Bursary. Please fill in the form below, and one of our team will be in touch with you:

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Here’s what some of our Course attendees have had to say:

“Before going on a choral course, I had never thought that singing any further than a school choir standard would be for me. Now, with the support of the singing teachers on the courses and gaining the experience of being a in a professional standard choir, I recognise that I have the potential to extend my love of choral singing into my further education. I have done two courses now, and they were some of the most fun and intense weeks of my life!” Amelia, Suffolk.

“Prior to the two Eton Choral Courses I attended, I had singing experience at school and in a church Youth Choir but nothing extensive. I would not be where I am now without the Choral courses and continue to work on them year after year to show my thanks and also because they are such wonderful weeks!” Zoe, London

“Although I had had quite a lot of of choral experience prior to the course, it was still a great benefit. I enjoyed it not only because I formed several strong and lasting friendships, but also because it granted access to a number of singers within my age group through whom I have already had several opportunities to take part in high level concerts.” Ben, London