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Chris Bennie Application

Apply to the Chris Bennie Fund

The Rodolfus Foundation would like to make sure that you can participate in concerts, recordings and performances, regardless of your financial circumstances. However, to avoid disappointment, please bear in mind that we cannot offer help to everyone. 

Once submitted, this form will be sent directly to the Rodolfus Choir team. You will then be sent a more detailed PDF form to complete. 

Please note that we can only process requests for help if they are received at least two weeks before the relevant performance. 

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Singer's Name
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The information given on these forms is completely confidential and will not be shared with anyone outside of the Rodolfus Foundation. We take privacy and data protection very seriously.
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If you receive help, then you may be required to assist the Rodolfus Foundation in thanking its donors. This could mean writing 'thank you' letters to supporters, appearing in photographs, and/or providing quotes for our publicity materials.
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