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Thank you ever so much to those of you who were able to join us at what was a very successful event on the 15th September. We were delighted to be joined by many friends and well-wishers, as well as singers both past and present. Highlights of the evening included a performance of Howells A Grace for 10 Downing Street, and speeches from Ralph Allwood (Artistic Director), Edward Gardner (Patron and Alumnus), James Bowman (Patron), Daniel Atkinson (Current Singer) and D’mitri Hunte (Current Singer).

The Rodolfus Choir stole the show with a number of small performances dotted throughout the evening. The space at Temple Church was used creatively and to great effect; the unaccompanied voices surrounded guests from all sides as sublime music drifted upwards into the rafters. The Rodolfus Choir represents the most talented of our beneficiaries. They are selected as the most enthusiastic and able ‘graduates’ of the Eton Choral Course and are given the chance to sing in professional settings at world-class venues and in celebrated recordings.

Inspiring young singers

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We were thrilled to have two exceptionally talented young singers speak about their experiences. First, Daniel Atkinson spoke about his initial experience on the Junior Choral Course (JCC), part of the Rodolfus Foundation programme. The JCC provides an intensive introduction to choral techniques and sight-singing for children aged 8-15 years. He talked about how the Junior Choral Course gave him confidence and helped to shape him as a person. At his last JCC, he was encouraged to join an Eton Choral Course (administered separately by Eton College), where his social and musical skills were further developed, before finally being invited to join the Rodolfus Choir.

Daniel is the first person to go from the Junior Choral Course right through to the Rodolfus Choir. He emphasised the great impact that the courses have had on him as a person, as well as a musician. He encouraged more young singers to embark on the Rodolfus Foundation’s unique training path, starting at 8 years old and ending at 25.

Our second speaker was the talented D’mitri Hunte, who joined the Eton Choral Courses and later the Rodolfus Choir, as a result of our work with engagement partners. D’mitri was encouraged to participate after becoming involved with West London Choir, Inner Voices. She spoke about the importance of reaching out to young people directly through local organisations, as she herself would not have sought out a choral course without encouragement from people that she knew personally.

D’mitri spoke candidly about the important part that the Rodolfus Foundation’s bursary programme had to play in deciding to come onto the Eton Choral Courses, which are too expensive for many enthusiastic young singers. She received enough help to enable her to come back on multiple courses, enabling her to develop her talents.

The Rodolfus Foundation is expanding its engagement partner programme to reach more and more young singers across London and beyond.

Friends and Well-wishers

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We were also very lucky to have two of our three patrons (Edward Gardner, renowned conductor; and James Bowman, popular countertenor) speak at the event, as well as our illustrious Artistic Director, Ralph Allwood. All of them spoke of their support for our aims, as well as their own experiences on the Choral Courses and in the Choir.

We need your help

 The Rodolfus Foundation receives no public funding and relies completely on the generosity of its Friends and supporters. Without your help, we would be unable to continue our important work encouraging more young people to discover the joy of choral singing. 

There are many ways in which you can support our work.

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Thank you to our very generous Founding Donors

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