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Performance perspective summer 2019

The Rodolfus Foundation | Summer Newsletter 2019
Performance perspective:
Peter Crouch and the O2 Arena

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In each issue, we get the inside perspective of a recent performance, first-hand from a member of the Rodolfus Choir. In this issue, we hear from Domhnall Talbot, who sung with the Rodolfus Choir at a recent event at the O2 Arena for the CrouchFest podcast of England footballer, Peter Crouch.

Name: Domhnall Talbot
Age: 26
Voice Part: Tenor
Length of time singing in Rods: 8 years
Performance date: 15.06.2019 

What was the occasion/venue?

“Rods had the great pleasure of singing at the long-awaited "CrouchFest" - the season finale of the UK's most listened to podcast, "That Peter Crouch Podcast" on the stage of "indigo at the O2", the O2 Arena's little brother.  For those out of the know, Peter Crouch is a Premier League and former England footballer.”

How big was the choir?

“Given the football theme, Ralph cleverly selected his 1st XI.  Questions could be raised around his unusual tactical formation - one Bass, (the) three Tenors, 3 Altos, 4 Sops - but I think we can agree he pulled off a fine win, nonetheless.”

What was the atmosphere like before the performance?

“Given the hectic scheduling of the show, everything felt quite on edge, but in an excited way rather than worrying.  Hearing the crowd cheer and jeer from the wings made for a good atmosphere.”

What was the music?

“A highlight from the UEFA Champions League Anthem. Written in 1992 by Tony Britten, it is a variation on Handel's Zadok the Priest and is played before every Champions League game.”

How big was the audience?

“c. 2750 in the venue, a younger and drunker audience that most Rods gigs.  Unsure on number of listeners of the podcast, but I think it is roughly 2 million.”

What was the main highlight?

“The level of volume and feedback from the audience.”