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Ralph Allwood


The Rodolfus Foundation | Summer Newsletter 2019
Ralph Allwood:
“My favourite Rodolfus Choir recording”

Credit: Alastair Davey

Credit: Alastair Davey


Looking back over CDs I have done, the second one we ever produced is one of which I am still, probably, the most proud. People ask me what the connection is between Bax and Villette. I had looked at some pieces by Arnold Bax and was impressed, and I knew one piece by Pierre Villette, and was moved by that. However, looking at all the pieces written the choir by these two, I could only find half a CD’s worth of really superb music from them. So the only connection between Arnold Bax and Pierre Villette is that they both wrote at least half a CD’s worth of absolutely superb music. Do listen to Bax: Mater Ora Filium and Villette: Attende Domine if you listen to no others.

MATER, ORA FILIUM: Choral music by Bax and Villette is available on Spotify

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